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One perfectionist team, who has both its mind and heart at the right place.


Where you can meet our works across Europe.

Million users per month

Audit and review all of our projects every single day.

OneApp: Telekom's award winning unified self-care application

Interacting with your telco provider without a reliable application is unimaginable today. From simply checking how much data you have left to paying your bills or resolving issues: you may find all of these functionalities in our OneApp.


IOS, Android


10+ m users


10 countries

OneShop: Telekom's e-commerce platform

Our design team has been working on creating the best possible online shopping experience for our existing and new customers. Our aim is to design fantastic user experiences including attractive user interfaces where shopping is a pleasure.




5 countries

Magenta TV: Telekom's small and big screen television interfaces

Designing TV interfaces is entirely unique and we love being part of this exciting evolution of how our customers interact with TV. Helping millions of our customers easily navigate on a big screen with a remote control, assisting to find relevant content for them by designing easy-to-use interfaces, or designing UX based on our customer's voice commands is where our team comes to play!


iOS, Android, Android TV


3 countries

We design smooth digital experiences for your connectivity at home

If you have ever tried installing a router for your apartment on your own and got annoyed by those default tech heavy interfaces: we know how you feel. At Design Hub our aim is to understand our customers and assist them even with these kind of challenges by designing interfaces that help installing, setting up, configuring their home internet routers so that they could enjoy seamless connectivity at home.


iOS, Android


3 countries


Our colleagues' expertise is outstanding in every comparison across the market. If you are anywhere in the field of UX design including research, UI, motion, interaction design and want to work with the best, join us!

Strong teamwork

We are one hell of a team. We work for common goals and always have each others' backs. Every other day either virtually or in person, we meet up and spend quality time together.

Open communication

Communication is at remote work is what oxygen is to life. We are open and collaborative. At our weekly all-hands video calls, we share project updates and learn new skills from each other.

Never stop learning

When working for Telekom, you can build not only our corporate brand, but your own, too. On top of the trainings, you get the chance to work as part of complex projects and diverse teams, which helps you to see further than the boundaries of your specific job, and to be able to gain global business expertise by getting familiar with the work done by other areas.

Market leader

Our multinational background and market leader position guarantees that you will have everything you need to be creative in our international and multicultural environment. At the same time, our overall open mindset ensures that you can work under clear, transparent conditions.

Open positions

We are one hell of a team. We work for common goals and always have each others' backs. Every few months, we meet up and spend quality time together. If you want to be part of a kick-ass team, here are our open positions:

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